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Latest Updates

Sept. 6, 2017CCO Oregon announces Samantha Shepherd as new Executive Director
July 7, 20172016 CCO Metrics Report
June 23, 2017Behavioral Health Collaborative Updates
March 20, 2017Behavioral Health Collaborative Recommendations
Feb. 1, 2017Budget Battle Looms as Session Begins
Jan. 19, 2017Oregon Budget Framework 17-19
Jan. 17, 2017What does Medicaid Expansion mean to Oregon
Nov. 2, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: November 2016
Oct. 25, 2016Metrics and Scoring Committee-October 2016
Oct. 12, 2016CCO 2.0
Aug. 29, 2016Metrics and Scoring Committee: August 2016
Aug. 15, 2016Medicaid Advisory Committee--Oral Health Workgroup
July 19, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: July 2016
July 19, 2016Oral Health Workgroup
June 28, 2016CCO Metrics 2015 Final Report
May 24, 2016May Legislative Days
May 23, 2016HERC Updated Policy to Treat Back Pain
May 17, 20161115 Medicaid Demonstration Waiver
May 3, 2016Behavioral Health Town Hall 2015 Report
April 26, 2016CCO Metrics and Scoring: April Meeting
April 14, 2016Primary Care Payment Reform Collaborative
April 13, 2016Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon
April 6, 2016PCPCH Rulemaking Hearing
April 6, 2016Oregon 1115 Waiver Renewal
April 6, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: April 2016
March 23, 2016Moving Toward Prevention in Diabetes
March 16, 2016Zero Pain is Not the Goal
March 11, 2016Poverty and Child Health
March 1, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: March 2016
Feb. 29, 2016Legislative Session: Winding Down
Feb. 16, 2016Legislative Session: Week 2 Recap
Feb. 9, 2016Legislative Session: Week 1 recap
Feb. 7, 2016Primary Care Spending in Oregon
Feb. 5, 20162015 Mid-Year Report
Jan. 27, 2016Tobacco Cessation
Jan. 19, 2016Oregon Legislative Session Convenes
Jan. 14, 2016Oregon Opioid Initiative
Jan. 5, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: January 2016
Dec. 30, 2015PCPCH Standards Advisory Committee: December 2015
Dec. 9, 20152016 Legislative Preview
Dec. 7, 2015PCPCH Standards Advisory Committee
Dec. 2, 2015Oregon Health Policy Board-December 2015
Nov. 18, 2015CCO Service Area Changes--Temporary Rule
Nov. 18, 2015Coordinated Care Model Summit 2015
Nov. 11, 2015Oregon State Health Improvement Plan
Nov. 3, 2015Oregon Health Policy Board-November 2015
Nov. 2, 2015Metrics and Scoring-October 2015
Nov. 2, 2015Oregon Behavioral Health Map
Oct. 19, 2015What is the CCO's Role Reducing Opiate Use in Oregon?
Oct. 2, 2015September Legislative Days

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