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AllCare Health Programs that Mitigate Social Determinants

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First Tooth Training for Medical, Dental, WIC, Head Start Providers

As Coordinated Care Organizations work to integrate, oral health has become an important focus for their work. Community investments to increase access to preventative oral health measures such as fluoride varnish are a natural method for ensuring health promotion. AllCare Health is committed to a long-term investment in supporting and championing innovative ways to our communities’ health. The First Tooth program is an example of this commitment.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood and it is preventable. The First Tooth program strives to reduce the number of dental caries in children under age three by increasing access to oral health services. Because of the First Tooth Program, the number medical and dental staff who can provide fluoride varnishes to infants and toddlers has skyrocketed.

Non Emergent Medical Transportation: A Success Story

In rural areas such as Josephine or Curry County, access to public transportation can be very limited, with few designated stops and intermittent frequency. For patients with limited access to transportation and poor public transportation, health outcomes can suffer.

Providing safe and efficient transportation with a focus on good customer service for the Medicaid population is possible. In addition to increased rates of patient and provider satisfaction, AllCare Health has found improved access and decreased missed appointments since contracting with ReadyRide.

Rogue Retreat: A Community Model for Case-Managed Housing for the Homeless

Rogue Retreat offers a variety of housing programs designed to meet people where they are in their lives and transition them from chronic homelessness, addiction, and other housing barriers towards stable housing. Their unique case management model is the key to their success and is replicable, well documented, and supported by their own data and third-party review.

The results of the agency are significant. Rogue Retreat is able to move people from being chronically homeless to stably housed. Their case management approach is compassionate and comprehensive. By being deeply connected to the community, they are able to include their target population in their own case management, peer supports, self-governance, and referrals.

Amy Burns, PharmD, BCPS, Director of Population Health, AllCare Health
Laura McKeane, Oral Health Integration Manager, AllCare Health
Lorie Hollibaugh, NEMT Liaison, AllCare Health
Sam Engel, Coordinator, Social Determinants of Health, AllCare Health


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