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The Fourth Miracle of Education: Beyond Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Schools across Southern Oregon are using the PAX Good Behavior Game to encourage student engagement and development of self-regulation skills. This evidence based, SAMHSA endorsed program fosters immediate positive effects for learners, as well as improved health outcomes throughout a child’s life. This panel presentation will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from project partners representing several critical sectors.

Panel Participants include:

Susan Fischer, Health and Education Integration Coordinator, AllCare Health (moderator)

Teresa Slater, Grants and Projects Coordinator, Southern Oregon Early Learning Services

Emily Mossberg, Substance Abuse & Prevention Coordinator, Jackson County Health and Human Services

Peter Buckley, Director, Southern Oregon Success

Teresa Sayre, Superintendent, Phoenix-Talent School District

Jose de Jesus Melendez, Principal, Table Rock Elementary School


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