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Climate change is a ‘risk-multiplier’ – what can you do about it?

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How does climate change act as a ‘risk-multiplier’? We’re not just talking about extreme weather events, but also economic disruptions that will place increasing pressures on our housing and social service systems. Walk away with the ability to integrate climate and health equity considerations into your prioritization and planning efforts.

Emily York, MPH coordinates the State of Oregon’s Climate and Health program. The program works with interdisciplinary partners to study and plan for the health effects of Climate Change in Oregon. Through diverse stakeholder engagement, Emily has led the development of a new statewide Resilience Plan that uses public health modernization as a framework for cross-sector, strengths-based strategies to build resilience to a system of complex stressors caused by climate disruption. She currently serves on the team of authors for the Fourth National Climate Assessment and co-chairs a national community of practice on climate and health stakeholder engagement methods. Before joining the State, Emily worked in Portland’s City Hall on local policy initiatives related to social and environmental determinants of health. She currently serves on the board of the Oregon Farmers Markets Association and is part of the International Transformational Resilience Coalition.

Kelcie Grace Germano, BSN, RN, MPH Candidate is a graduate of Oregon Health and Science University School of Nursing working as a care coordinator at CareOregon. As her passion lies in population and community health, Kelcie Grace is currently a Masters of Public Health Candidate at Gorge Washington University. She is an intern with the Oregon Public Health Division, Climate and Health Program working to develop educational materials to empower healthcare professionals to incorporate climate change into their professional practice and develop professional relationships between state and local community climate change organizations. She wholeheartedly believes that health is more than sick verses well; that health is a complex combination of physical, mental, social, environmental, and spiritual wellness. Kelcie Grace is committed to making a positive impact on human and environmental health.


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