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Using Medicaid Flexible Services for Rental Assistance for People Experiencing a Health & a Housing Crisis


FamilyCare, Human Solutions, Inc., Project Access NOW and Enterprise Community Partners would like to share tools, lessons learned and initial findings from our Flex Fund Pilot, which uses Medicaid Flexible Services for short term rental assistance for people experiencing a health and a housing crisis.

Amanda Saul is the Pacific Northwest senior program director for Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. Since 2010, she has led Enterprise’s programmatic work in Oregon by advancing initiatives that improve the lives of low-income people through preservation of affordable housing, a green retrofit program, connecting health and housing for vulnerable populations, increasing organizational sustainability, and policy leadership. For fifteen years prior to coming to Enterprise, Amanda employed her affordable housing expertise as housing development director at a number of non-profit organizations, developing more than 700 units of affordable housing. Amanda brings a range of knowledge about non-profit ownership, management, development and the importance of partnering with government agencies, funders and owners.

Janet Hamilton’s title of Deputy Director provides cover for her actual role as Fomenter of Chaos. At Project Access NOW, she combines removing barriers for our awesome staff and volunteers to effectively serve our clients with finding new opportunities to make those services as comprehensive as possible. She is passionate about winning the War on Poverty, which by the way, has not yet been won. A recovering Californian, Janet fell in love with the Pacific Northwest in the early 1990s when she traveled here regularly for her work as a healthcare information systems consultant, a profession she has yet to fully shed despite various career forays as a coffee shop/specialty grocery store-owner, organizational development consultant, mediator, and even one day of law school.

Ashley Green is the Youth Population Health Program Manager at FamilyCare Health. Her focus is to promote optimal health, and address health disparities within the youth population by promoting innovative programs, in collaboration with colleagues, providers, community partners, and youth themselves. She has seen the power that supportive relationships and policies can have on individual's lives, and she brings that vision to all her efforts. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked with adults and youth in the mental health field in various capacities. She currently lives in Portland, enjoys riding her bike around town, and occasionally across the country with her husband, eating all the great food Portland has to offer, and spending time with her community.

Fran Weick has been the Director of Human Solutions’ Resident Services Program since 2003. As the Director of the Resident Services Program she supervises the Resident Services Specialist staff providing housing stability services to residents living in 18 affordable housing properties. Fran has over 20 years’ experience working with low-income families. Since As a community educator, she taught food and nutrition and parenting classes to families living in transitional housing. She has an extensive background in volunteer coordination working with Big Brother /Big Sister and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department.


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