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Making a difference in community determinants of health and equity through a team‐based approach and strategic community partnerships

sandra rl

CCOs are challenged to address the needs of OHP members that extend beyond traditional clinical interventions in order to truly address the community‐level determinants of health and equity.
FamilyCare’s presentation demonstrates its innovative approach to addressing the needs of its members through operational improvements and unique community partnerships.

Sandra Clark is the Director of Population Health at FamilyCare, supporting an innovations‐ focused team to implement population‐based programs addressing community‐level determinants of health and equity for members and the Tri‐County region that FamilyCare serves. She is passionate about analyzing and understanding health inequities and solving population health issues through community‐identified solutions and a trauma‐informed approach. She received her Master of Public Health from Oregon State, and was among the first cohort of participants in OHA’s Developing Equity Leadership through Training & Action (DELTA) Program in 2013.

Ron Lagergren is the Director of Care Management at FamilyCare. He directs a variety of care coordination programs that integrate and address behavioral, physical and oral health needs. He has over 25 years of experience working in healthcare that includes physical and behavioral health settings. Ron’s areas of specialty include utilization management, crisis work and care coordination in the child, adult and geriatric populations.


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