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Developing Evidence-Based Care for Social Determinants


Population health management is most effective when comprehensive and community-based, encompassing all services including social determinants. Developing evidence-based care in the social realm is key. Documenting social care like medical care will enable us to normalize actions, measure results, validate care steps, and build models to improve efficacy.

LeRoy Jones founded GSI Health to help solve a problem—the uninformed, uncoordinated care being practiced in today’s healthcare system. He strives to drive innovation in the healthcare IT industry to create a world in which data-driven technology optimizes care delivery, and ultimately results in healthier patients and populations.

Lee has helped several states develop architectures and operational models for healthcare information exchange, and has contributed to a number of federal programs and industry initiatives that establish standards and shape the future of healthcare IT. Under his leadership, GSI Health has pioneered working models for effective collaboration in community-based care delivery and become an industry leader in population health management solutions.

Lee holds an M.S. in Engineering in the Management of Technology jointly from The Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.


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