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Latest News & Updates

Sept. 6, 2017CCO Oregon announces Samantha Shepherd as new Executive Director
July 7, 20172016 CCO Metrics Report
June 23, 2017Behavioral Health Collaborative Updates
March 20, 2017Behavioral Health Collaborative Recommendations
Feb. 1, 2017Budget Battle Looms as Session Begins
Jan. 19, 2017Oregon Budget Framework 17-19
Jan. 17, 2017What does Medicaid Expansion mean to Oregon
Nov. 2, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: November 2016
Oct. 25, 2016Metrics and Scoring Committee-October 2016
Oct. 12, 2016CCO 2.0
Aug. 29, 2016Metrics and Scoring Committee: August 2016
Aug. 15, 2016Medicaid Advisory Committee--Oral Health Workgroup
July 19, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: July 2016
July 19, 2016Oral Health Workgroup
June 28, 2016CCO Metrics 2015 Final Report
May 24, 2016May Legislative Days
May 23, 2016HERC Updated Policy to Treat Back Pain
May 17, 20161115 Medicaid Demonstration Waiver
May 4, 2016Behavioral Health Integration: Obstacles & Successes - Patient Centered Primary Care Institute
May 3, 2016Behavioral Health Town Hall 2015 Report
April 26, 2016CCO Metrics and Scoring: April Meeting
April 14, 2016Primary Care Payment Reform Collaborative
April 13, 2016Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon
April 10, 2016Sending nurses to work with poor moms helps kids. So why don’t we do more of it? - Washington Post
April 6, 2016PCPCH Rulemaking Hearing
April 6, 2016Oregon 1115 Waiver Renewal
April 6, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: April 2016
April 4, 2016$160 Billion: The Health Costs of Hunger in America - Bread for the World Institute
March 30, 2016Getting Primary Care at the Psychiatrist’s Office - The Atlantic
March 28, 2016Rethinking Science and Politics - The Milbank Quarterly
March 23, 2016Moving Toward Prevention in Diabetes
March 22, 2016States Expanding Medicaid See Significant Budget Savings and Revenue Gains - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
March 21, 2016The Economics Of Paying For Value - Health Affairs
March 16, 2016Zero Pain is Not the Goal
March 15, 2016Don’t Let The Talking Points Fool You: It’s All About The Risk Pool - Health Affairs
March 11, 2016Poverty and Child Health
March 9, 2016Using Data To Help Home Health Workers Manage Patients’ Conditions - Kaiser Health News
March 8, 2016Oregon hospitals report lower infection rates - Statesman Journal
March 8, 2016CMS seeks contractors to develop star system for dual plans - Modern Healthcare
March 1, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: March 2016
Feb. 29, 2016Legislative Session: Winding Down
Feb. 22, 2016Break Up the Insulin Racket - New York Times
Feb. 22, 2016ECHO Effect Spreads to Address Superutilizer Patients - NEJM: Catalyst
Feb. 17, 2016Shift away from Oracle triggers celebration at Oregon Medicaid department - Portland Business Journal
Feb. 16, 2016Legislative Session: Week 2 Recap
Feb. 9, 2016Legislative Session: Week 1 recap
Feb. 8, 2016ACA offers a lower-cost option. Why are only two states using it? - Modern Healthcare
Feb. 7, 2016Primary Care Spending in Oregon
Feb. 5, 20162015 Mid-Year Report
Feb. 4, 2016Report finds inadequacies in placement, treatment of Oregon’s mentally ill youths - Street Roots
Feb. 1, 2016Screen for depression on admission - Modern Healthcare
Feb. 1, 2016Oregon Lawmakers To Kick Off 2016 Session - OPB
Jan. 29, 2016Discovering New Medicines And New Ways To Pay For Them - Health Affairs
Jan. 27, 2016Tobacco Cessation
Jan. 25, 2016Many children with Medicaid not getting required dental care - Stamford Advocate
Jan. 22, 2016CMS finalizes controversial Medicaid outpatient drug rule - Modern Healthcare
Jan. 21, 2016How Data Brokers Make Money Off Your Medical Records - Scientific American
Jan. 21, 2016How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples Across America - New York Times
Jan. 21, 2016Leveraging Health Information Technology to Achieve the Triple Aim - Commonwealth Fund
Jan. 19, 2016Oregon Legislative Session Convenes
Jan. 14, 2016Oregon Opioid Initiative
Jan. 12, 2016Largest Non-profit Health System Sends Shockwaves Via Transparent Pricing - Forbes
Jan. 12, 2016Switching Between Medicaid, Marketplace Can Confuse Consumers - NPR
Jan. 6, 2016How Funders Can Support Emerging Accountable Care Organizations To Maximize Their Potential - Health Affairs
Jan. 6, 2016HHS test will try addressing social needs to improve health - Modern Healthcare
Jan. 5, 2016Medicaid Programs Fall Short When It Comes To Helping Smokers Quit - NPR
Jan. 5, 2016Oregon Health Policy Board: January 2016
Dec. 31, 2015How Doctors Are Experimenting With Cutting Health-Care Costs - The Atlantic
Dec. 30, 2015PCPCH Standards Advisory Committee: December 2015
Dec. 29, 2015Using Medicaid Resources to Pay for Health-Related Supportive Services: Early Lessons - Center for Health Care Strategies
Dec. 15, 2015Hospitals launch specialty pharmacies to curb drug costs - Modern Healthcare
Dec. 10, 2015Advancing Trauma-Informed Care - Center for Health Care Strategies
Dec. 9, 20152016 Legislative Preview
Dec. 8, 2015Leveraging The Affordable Care Act To Enroll Justice-Involved Populations In Medicaid: State And Local Efforts - Health Affairs
Dec. 7, 2015PCPCH Standards Advisory Committee
Dec. 5, 2015Health Care Innovation Doesn’t Have to Be Driven by Profit - Harvard Business Review
Dec. 3, 2015Taking About Health Care "Costs" - Forbes
Dec. 2, 2015Oregon Health Policy Board-December 2015
Nov. 30, 2015Health systems hope social initiatives will produce better health outcomes and lower costs - Modern Healthcare
Nov. 30, 2015Medicaid In Early Childhood May Have Longterm Benefit - University Herald
Nov. 25, 2015Oregon Delays Change in Back Pain Treatment - Bend Bulletin
Nov. 20, 2015Getting Started in Complex Care: Expert Advice - Center for Health Care Strategies
Nov. 19, 2015Healthcare Shocker: Medicaid is Very Good for Kids - Los Angeles Times
Nov. 19, 2015Medicaid And Access To Care: The CMS Equal Access Rule - Health Affairs
Nov. 19, 2015Take Two Aspirin And Tweet Me In The Morning: How Twitter, Facebook, And Other Social Media Are Reshaping Health Care - Health Affairs
Nov. 18, 2015CCO Service Area Changes--Temporary Rule
Nov. 18, 2015Coordinated Care Model Summit 2015
Nov. 12, 2015Three Kansas GOP Lawmakers who Favor Medicaid Expansion are Removed from Health Committee - Kansas City Star
Nov. 12, 2015Alabama Governor Says he is 'Looking' at Medicaid Expansion - Modern Healthcare
Nov. 12, 2015Wellcare: Medicaid Plan Leads to Better Care, Lower Costs - Des Moines Register
Nov. 12, 2015Found Too Late: Cancer Preys Upon Rural Americans - USA Today
Nov. 11, 2015Oregon State Health Improvement Plan
Nov. 11, 2015Thousands of Moda Members Will Lose Providence Doctor Coverage - Oregonian
Nov. 11, 2015Colorado Puts Single-Payer Healthcare On 2016 Ballot - Forbes
Nov. 4, 2015Promoting Food Security for All Children - Pediatrics
Nov. 3, 2015Oregon Health Policy Board-November 2015
Nov. 2, 2015Metrics and Scoring-October 2015
Nov. 2, 2015Oregon Behavioral Health Map
Oct. 19, 2015What is the CCO's Role Reducing Opiate Use in Oregon?
Oct. 2, 2015September Legislative Days

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