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Recent News

May 4, 2016Patient Centered Primary Care Institute: Behavioral Health Integration: Obstacles & Successes
April 10, 2016Washington Post: Sending nurses to work with poor moms helps kids. So why don’t we do more of it?
April 4, 2016Bread for the World Institute: $160 Billion: The Health Costs of Hunger in America
March 30, 2016The Atlantic: Getting Primary Care at the Psychiatrist’s Office
March 28, 2016The Milbank Quarterly: Rethinking Science and Politics
March 22, 2016Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: States Expanding Medicaid See Significant Budget Savings and Revenue Gains
March 21, 2016Health Affairs: The Economics Of Paying For Value
March 15, 2016Health Affairs: Don’t Let The Talking Points Fool You: It’s All About The Risk Pool
March 9, 2016Kaiser Health News: Using Data To Help Home Health Workers Manage Patients’ Conditions
March 8, 2016Statesman Journal: Oregon hospitals report lower infection rates
March 8, 2016Modern Healthcare: CMS seeks contractors to develop star system for dual plans
Feb. 22, 2016New York Times: Break Up the Insulin Racket
Feb. 22, 2016NEJM: Catalyst: ECHO Effect Spreads to Address Superutilizer Patients
Feb. 17, 2016Portland Business Journal: Shift away from Oracle triggers celebration at Oregon Medicaid department
Feb. 8, 2016Modern Healthcare: ACA offers a lower-cost option. Why are only two states using it?
Feb. 4, 2016Street Roots: Report finds inadequacies in placement, treatment of Oregon’s mentally ill youths
Feb. 1, 2016Modern Healthcare: Screen for depression on admission
Feb. 1, 2016OPB: Oregon Lawmakers To Kick Off 2016 Session
Jan. 29, 2016Health Affairs: Discovering New Medicines And New Ways To Pay For Them
Jan. 25, 2016Stamford Advocate: Many children with Medicaid not getting required dental care
Jan. 22, 2016Modern Healthcare: CMS finalizes controversial Medicaid outpatient drug rule
Jan. 21, 2016Scientific American: How Data Brokers Make Money Off Your Medical Records
Jan. 21, 2016New York Times: How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples Across America
Jan. 21, 2016Commonwealth Fund: Leveraging Health Information Technology to Achieve the Triple Aim
Jan. 12, 2016Forbes: Largest Non-profit Health System Sends Shockwaves Via Transparent Pricing
Jan. 12, 2016NPR: Switching Between Medicaid, Marketplace Can Confuse Consumers
Jan. 6, 2016Health Affairs: How Funders Can Support Emerging Accountable Care Organizations To Maximize Their Potential
Jan. 6, 2016Modern Healthcare: HHS test will try addressing social needs to improve health
Jan. 5, 2016NPR: Medicaid Programs Fall Short When It Comes To Helping Smokers Quit
Dec. 31, 2015The Atlantic: How Doctors Are Experimenting With Cutting Health-Care Costs
Dec. 29, 2015Center for Health Care Strategies: Using Medicaid Resources to Pay for Health-Related Supportive Services: Early Lessons
Dec. 15, 2015Modern Healthcare: Hospitals launch specialty pharmacies to curb drug costs
Dec. 10, 2015Center for Health Care Strategies: Advancing Trauma-Informed Care
Dec. 8, 2015Health Affairs: Leveraging The Affordable Care Act To Enroll Justice-Involved Populations In Medicaid: State And Local Efforts
Dec. 5, 2015Harvard Business Review: Health Care Innovation Doesn’t Have to Be Driven by Profit
Dec. 3, 2015Forbes: Taking About Health Care "Costs"
Nov. 30, 2015Modern Healthcare: Health systems hope social initiatives will produce better health outcomes and lower costs
Nov. 30, 2015University Herald: Medicaid In Early Childhood May Have Longterm Benefit
Nov. 25, 2015Bend Bulletin: Oregon Delays Change in Back Pain Treatment
Nov. 20, 2015Center for Health Care Strategies: Getting Started in Complex Care: Expert Advice
Nov. 19, 2015Los Angeles Times: Healthcare Shocker: Medicaid is Very Good for Kids
Nov. 19, 2015Health Affairs: Medicaid And Access To Care: The CMS Equal Access Rule
Nov. 19, 2015Health Affairs: Take Two Aspirin And Tweet Me In The Morning: How Twitter, Facebook, And Other Social Media Are Reshaping Health Care
Nov. 12, 2015Kansas City Star: Three Kansas GOP Lawmakers who Favor Medicaid Expansion are Removed from Health Committee
Nov. 12, 2015Modern Healthcare: Alabama Governor Says he is 'Looking' at Medicaid Expansion
Nov. 12, 2015Des Moines Register: Wellcare: Medicaid Plan Leads to Better Care, Lower Costs
Nov. 12, 2015USA Today: Found Too Late: Cancer Preys Upon Rural Americans
Nov. 11, 2015Oregonian: Thousands of Moda Members Will Lose Providence Doctor Coverage
Nov. 11, 2015Forbes: Colorado Puts Single-Payer Healthcare On 2016 Ballot
Nov. 4, 2015Pediatrics: Promoting Food Security for All Children
Nov. 4, 2015IMS Health: IMS Health Study: 2014 a Record-Setting Year for U.S. Medicines
Oct. 29, 2015Kaiser Health News: California and Federal Government Locked In Debate Over Billions In Medicaid Funding
Oct. 26, 2015Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation: Statewide Report on Health Care Quality 2015
Oct. 26, 2015New York Times: Investigation Finds Errors in Coverage and Payments Under Affordable Care Act
Oct. 20, 2015Health Affairs: Review Of Proposed 340B Omnibus Guidance: How We Got Here And What It Says
Oct. 20, 2015Modern Healthcare: New CMS Report Fails to Please Critics of Medicaid Waiver Process
Oct. 19, 2015National Partnership for Women and Families:: Politics in the Exam Room: A Growing Threat
Oct. 15, 2015Modern Healthcare: Judge Sides With Drugmakers and Narrows 340B Drug Discounts
Oct. 15, 2015Health Affairs: The Payment Reform Landscape: Which Quality Measures Matter?
Oct. 12, 2015Forbes: As Obamacare And Value-Based Models Take Hold, Social Services Need A Boost
Oct. 9, 2015Center for Health Care Strategies: Update on Medicare-Medicaid Integration
Oct. 8, 2015Healthcare IT News: Health IT Change can be Good, if Properly Managed
Oct. 7, 2015Forbes: Is It Fair To Reward Medicaid Patients For Doing What They're Supposed To Do?
Oct. 7, 2015Health Affairs: Creating The Next Generation: The Payment Model We Need From Medicare
Oct. 6, 2015Reuters: Express Scripts Sees $750 Million in Spending on New Cholesterol Drugs
Oct. 5, 2015Washington Post: Racial Inequality Even Affects How Long We Wait for the Doctor
Oct. 5, 2015Healthcare Informatics: Considerations for Successful Clinical Data Abstraction
Oct. 2, 2015Harvard Business Review: The Costs of Racial Disparities in Health Care
Sept. 23, 2015Cardiovascular Business: Physicians as Patient Advocates: Lessons Learned in Oregon
Sept. 23, 2015Los Angeles Times: Healthcare Costs Rise Again, and the Burden Continues to Shift to Workers
Sept. 21, 2015Forbes: Is Food The Next Health Care Frontier?
Sept. 21, 2015Healio: SBHCs Offer Crucial Mental Health Services to Underserved Children
Sept. 15, 2015Health Affairs: How Behavioral Economics Can Advance The Design Of Effective Clinician Incentive Programs
Sept. 15, 2015The Lund Report: CCOs Face Steep Cuts for Younger Adults After Actuarial Analysis Shows 2014 Overpayment
Sept. 15, 2015NASHP: Oregon’s Bridge to Value-Based Payments for Community Health Centers: A Win for Medicaid, Providers, & Patients
Sept. 10, 2015The Lund Report: Breaking News: CCO Rates Finalized for 2015
Sept. 10, 2015Kaiser Family Foundation: Measuring the Quality of Healthcare in the U.S.
Sept. 9, 2015Center for Health Care Strategies: Making Medicaid Work for the Next ½ Century: Driving Innovation
Sept. 9, 2015The Atlantic: Health-Care Mergers: Good for Health-Care Companies, Not So Good for Patients and Doctors
Sept. 8, 2015New York Times: What Are a Hospital’s Costs? Utah System Is Trying to Learn
Sept. 8, 2015Modern Healthcare: Innovation by Necessity: Medicaid Emerges as Aggressive Laboratory for Delivery-System Reform
Sept. 3, 2015Commonwealth Fund: How Strong Is the Primary Care Safety Net? Assessing the Ability of Federally Qualified Health Centers to Serve as Patient-Centered Medical Home
Sept. 2, 2015Kaiser Family Foundation: Economic and Fiscal Trends in Expansion and Non-Expansion States: What We Know Leading Up to 2014
Aug. 31, 2015Forbes: Why Healthcare IT's Optimization Focus Will Fail To Improve Population Health
Aug. 31, 2015Health Affairs: Avoiding Expensive And Consequential Health Care Decisions Based On Weak Research Designs
Aug. 28, 2015Health Affairs: Aligning FDA and CMS Review
Aug. 24, 2015Forbes: How Consumers Will Fix The Healthcare System, Part II
Aug. 24, 2015Center for Health Care Strategies: Medicaid Expansion and Homeless Populations: Early Experiences for Increasing Enrollment and Access
Aug. 24, 2015Washington Post: How Health Care Reform Adds to Wal-Mart’s Pharmacy Woes
Aug. 18, 2015Forbes: How Consumers Will Fix The Healthcare System, Part I
Aug. 18, 2015Enterprise Apps Today: Humana Using Analytics to Improve Health Outcomes
Aug. 17, 2015Health Affairs: Breaking The Fee-For-Service Addiction: Let’s Move To A Comprehensive Primary Care Payment Model
Aug. 17, 2015JADA: Fifty-one million
Aug. 14, 2015Modern Healthcare: Medicare's Voluntary Bundled-Payment Program Grows, but Many Providers Opt Out
Aug. 14, 2015Healthcare Informatics: Commonwealth Fund Finds Mixed Views of PCPs Towards New Payment Models
Aug. 14, 2015Center for Health Care Strategies: Building a Culture of Engagement for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees: Health Plan Approaches
Aug. 6, 2015The Commonwealth Fund: Primary Care Providers' Views of Recent Trends in Health Care Delivery and Payment
Aug. 6, 2015NPR: Patients In Iowa Worry About Private Management Of Medicaid
Aug. 5, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon Reaches $1.1M Settlement With Opioid Drug Maker
Aug. 5, 2015Modern Healthcare: One Man's Quality Metric is Another Man's Reason for Retirement
Aug. 3, 2015Boston Globe: Program to Manage Care of Poor, Disabled Sustains Losses
Aug. 3, 2015Wall Street Journal: The Connection Between Health Coverage and Income Security
Aug. 3, 2015Healthcare Informatics: Transforming Healthcare Through “Big Data”
July 30, 2015Modern Healthcare: States Warn Medicaid Managed-Care Rule Would Shrink Their Authority Over Plans
July 29, 2015Los Angeles Times: How a Hugely Overpriced Hepatitis Drug Helped Drive Up U.S. Health Spending
July 27, 2015Modern Healthcare: Anti-Fraud Fervor: States Step up False Claims Actions to Recover Medicaid Dollars
July 27, 2015Portland Business Journal: Tough Pill to Swallow: Oregon Faces a $500M Medicaid Deficit
July 27, 2015Register Guard: Oregon CCOs’ For-Profit Status Raises Questions, Concerns
July 23, 2015Bend Bulletin: Oregon CCOs Struggle to get Consumers on Councils
July 23, 2015Kaiser Family Foundation: Health Coverage and Care for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: The Role of Medicaid and CHIP
July 23, 2015New York Times: Drug Prices Soar, Prompting Calls for Justification
July 20, 2015HealthIT Analytics: ACOs Increasingly Assuming Population Health Management Duties
July 20, 2015Kaiser Family Foundation: With Medicare and Medicaid Getting High Marks from the Public and Beneficiaries, Majorities Favor Status Quo over Major Structural Changes Such As Premium Supports or Block Grants
July 20, 2015Statesman Journal: Oregon Underestimated Medicaid Expansion Price Tag
July 17, 2015The Washington Post: Alaska Governor Using Executive Power in New Bid to Expand Medicaid
July 16, 2015Health Affairs: Year Two: Capturing The Evolution Of Oregon’s CCOs
July 16, 2015Health Affairs: The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
July 16, 2015Modern Healthcare: Former CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner will take AHIP helm
July 13, 2015Forbes: The Cultural Demographic Shift Is Changing The Business Of Healthcare
July 9, 2015Kaiser Health News: Study Finds Doctors Order Fewer Preventive Services For Medicaid Patients
July 8, 2015The Commonwealth Fund: Reducing Medicaid Churning: Extending Eligibility for Twelve Months or to End of Calendar Year Are Most Effective
July 8, 2015The Lund Report: Oregon Putting All Its Declining Tobacco Settlement Funds into Health Expenses
July 8, 2015Modern Healthcare: Not All States Reporting Required Medicaid Data, OIG Says
July 2, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon Insurer to be Sold in Blockbuster $6.8B Health Care Deal
July 2, 2015Forbes: Incredible Health Care Jobs Growth Could Be Bad News For Health Care Costs
July 1, 2015The Lund Report: Healthcare Financing Study Bill Clears Difficult Hurdle with $300,000
June 30, 2015Modern Healthcare: Relieved Hospital Execs Say Ruling Could Speed Medicaid Expansion
June 29, 2015Forbes: U.S. Health Care Costs Rise Faster Than Inflation
June 26, 2015Modern Healthcare: CMS Loosens Rules for Rural ACOs Seeking Upfront Financial Help
June 26, 2015The Lund Report: Insurance Commissioner Approves Sale of Trillium Health Plan to Centene
June 26, 2015Kaiser Family Foundation: Renewals in Medicaid and CHIP: Implementation of Streamlined ACA Policies and the Potential Role of Managed Care Plans
June 24, 2015Bend Bulletin: Most CCOs Met Patient Care Goals Last Year
June 24, 2015Modern Healthcare: Hospital Cost of Uninsured: $900 Per Patient, Per Year
June 23, 2015Pharmacy Times: Oregon Pharmacists Obtain Provider Status
June 22, 2015NPR: California's Medicaid Program Fails To Ensure Access To Doctors
June 22, 2015Modern Healthcare: Proposed Rule Sets Fines for Drug Companies that Overcharge 340B Hospitals
June 19, 2015Modern Healthcare: Addressing the Nexus of Housing and Healthcare
June 19, 2015Arkansas News: Report: Incarcerating mentally ill people 20 times more costly than treatment
June 18, 2015Center for Rural Affairs: Strengthen the Health Care Infrastructure by Expanding Medicaid
June 16, 2015Modern Healthcare: Funding Source or Transformation Tool? CMS, States Disagree
June 15, 2015Bloomberg View: Congress Doesn't Understand Health Costs, or Care
June 15, 2015Brookings Institute: Cutting Poverty by Increasing Program Participation
June 15, 2015Forbes: Under Affordable Care Act, As Government Pays Has Healthcare Cost Exceeded Sustainable Levels?
June 12, 2015The Hill: Advancing Transparency in Healthcare: A Call to Action
June 9, 2015Mail Tribune: Health Care Fuels Jackson County Hiring
June 9, 2015Stanford Social Innovation Review: Connecting Big-Picture Theories with Community Experience
June 8, 2015Register Guard: Critics Fear Trillium Sale to Centene Corp. Will Hurt Lane County Patients on Oregon Health Plan
June 8, 2015Modern Healthcare: Bioethicists Say Patient-Satisfaction Surveys Could Lead to Bad Medicine
June 8, 2015The Lund Report: Greenlick Kills Rural Medical Clinic Bill over Concerns with For-Profit Model
June 3, 2015The Lund Report: PhRMA Likely to Win Support for Watering Down Prior Authorization of New Drugs
June 1, 2015Health Leaders Media: What Happens When Physicians Know the Total Cost of Care
June 1, 2015Wall Street Journal: U.S. Drug Shortages Frustrate Doctors, Patients
May 29, 2015BMC Health Services Research: Emergency Department and Inpatient Health Care Utilization Among Patients Who Require Interpreter Services
May 29, 2015RevCycle Intelligence: CMS Proposed Rule Modernizes CHIP and Medicaid Managed Care
May 29, 2015The Lund Report: Comment Period Extended on Trillium Sale
May 29, 2015The Washington Post: D.C. Doctor’s Rx: A Stroll in the Park Instead of a Trip to the Pharmacy
May 27, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon Health Authority Extends Program After Community Groups Complain
May 27, 2015Forbes: Medicaid Health Plans Face Quality And Performance Ratings
May 27, 2015Huffington Post: Better and Cheaper Medicaid
May 27, 2015Statesman Journal: Website Features Oregon Hospital Data
May 26, 2015Portland Business Journal: Legislature 2015: Why One 'Small Group' Bill Raised One Insurance Exec's Hackles
May 26, 2015Register Guard: University of Oregon Considers Creating UOCare, its Own Self-Insured Student Health Plan
May 22, 2015Portland Business Journal: Community Groups Rap Oregon Health Authority for Planned Cuts
May 20, 2015OPB: How Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Health
May 20, 2015The Lund Report: Trillium Sale to Fortune 500 Company Comes Under Scrutiny
May 19, 2015Portland Business Journal: Hit With Health Reform Fees, Oregon Health Insurers Bled Heavily During 2015's First Quarter
May 19, 2015Governing: In California, Women Can Soon Get Birth Control Without Ever Seeing a Doctor
May 19, 2015Statesman Journal: Is Salem Health-OHSU Partnership Good For Salem?
May 18, 2015HealthIT Analytics: Poor Care Coordination Raises Chronic Disease Costs by $4500
May 15, 2015Reuters: After Cuts in California Dental Insurance, ER Visits Went Up
May 14, 2015Portland Business Journal: While Insurers Lost Money, a Single Oregon Medicaid Provider Pulled in $70M Last Year
May 14, 2015Modern Healthcare: Cost of Obesity Could Total $1.1 Trillion as Population Grows
May 14, 2015New York Times: Study Asks if Carrot or Stick Can Better Help Smokers Stop
May 13, 2015Portland Business Journal: Portland Medicaid Provider to Sue Oregon Over Reimbursement Rates
May 13, 2015The Lund Report: Communities are the New Centers of Innovation and Learning
May 13, 2015The Hill: What’s Your Pharmacist’s Prescription for Better Healthcare?
May 11, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon's Medicaid Director Says Aloha
May 11, 2015American Enterprise Institute: Non-Adherence in Health Care: Are Patients or Policy Makers Ill-Informed?
May 8, 2015Institute for Healthcare Improvement: Owning the Equity Challenge in Health Care
May 7, 2015Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: 2014 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report
May 7, 2015San Francisco Chronicle: UCSF Team: Trauma Screening Should be Standard in Health Care
May 5, 2015Grist: Doctors are Already Seeing Links Between Climate Change and Their Patients’ Health
May 5, 2015Modern Healthcare: CEO Power Panel Poll Finds Broad Support for Value-Based Pay
May 4, 2015Wall Street Journal: Americans’ Health Priorities Diverge From Washington’s Focus on Obamacare
May 4, 2015Forbes: As States Expand Medicaid, Unpaid Hospital Bills Disappear
May 4, 2015Modern Healthcare: Oregon Health Insurers Seek Rate Hikes for Individual Plans
May 1, 2015PR Newswire: Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization Partners with Health Integrated to Improve Health of Medicaid Recipients with Complex Medical Issues
May 1, 2015The Lund Report: Bill Restores Medicaid for State Hospital Patients and Prisoners Upon Release
May 1, 2015Wall Street Journal: Small Number of Drugs Drives Big Medicare Bill, Spending Data Show
April 30, 2015Bend Bulletin: Oregon’s Struggle With Psychotropic Drug Overprescribing
April 29, 2015Portland Business Journal: Price of Addiction: Health Share Reaches Out to Pregnant Addicts
April 29, 2015Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Better Care Coordination Can Cut Medicaid Spending and Improve Health Outcomes
April 27, 2015The Oregonian: Oregon Gets A- for Work to Reduce Kids' Cavities
April 27, 2015Brookings Institute: A Case Study in Payment Reform to Support Optimal Pediatric Asthma Care
April 27, 2015Forbes: Obamacare Penalty May Not Be High Enough For Middle Incomes
April 24, 2015Modern Healthcare: Income-Based 'Churn' in Coverage Less Common Than Feared
April 24, 2015The Washington Post: Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Wants to Move U.S. Health Care Toward a ‘Prevention-Based Society’
April 24, 2015American Public Health Association: AJPH Highlights the Science of Health Disparities
April 24, 2015The Lund Report: Pharmacists on Primary Care Team Save Money, Lives
April 23, 2015Portland Business Journal: Latest OHSU-Moda Partnership Already Bears Fruit
April 23, 2015Modern Healthcare: Future of Dual-Eligible Demonstrations Questioned Due to Low Enrollment
April 22, 2015Portland Business Journal: Legislature 2015: Here are the Health Bills That are Alive and Kicking and Others That Croaked
April 21, 2015Health Affairs: Addressing Behavioral Health Integration With Payment Reform
April 21, 2015Forbes: How Big Data Is Changing Healthcare
April 20, 2015Open Minds: The Local Approach To Medicaid ACOs
April 20, 2015The Lund Report: Change to Medicare will Shift Physicians into Value-Based Payment
April 17, 2015Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: States Expanding Medicaid See Significant Budget Savings and Revenue Gains
April 17, 2015The Atlantic: How America Reduced Its Healthcare Spending by $2 Trillion
April 17, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon Doctors Hail the New Medicare ‘Doc Fix’
April 16, 2015The Oregonian: Access to birth Control: Oregon Lawmaker Would Let Women Skip Doctor's Visit
April 15, 2015Modern Healthcare: 'Doc Fix' Headed to President's Desk After Easily Clearing Senate
April 15, 2015The Lund report: Advantage Dental Wants State to Buy Dentures for New Medicaid Members
April 14, 2015New York Times: The Tangle of Coordinated Health Care
April 13, 2015The Commonwealth Fund: Klamath County Early Childhood Cavities Prevention Program
April 13, 2015Portland Tribune: Health Care Challenges Still Ahead
April 13, 2015Altarum Institute: Hospitals and Prescription Drugs Leading Health Spending Acceleration
April 10, 2015Lund Report: Healthcare and Purpose-Driven Management
April 10, 2015US News and World Report: Study Finds Health Care Getting More Expensive and Disparate
April 8, 2015GoLocalPDX: Oregon’s Rural Hospitals Struggle to Make Profits
April 8, 2015Wall Street Journal: Why Low Growth in Health Costs Still Stings
April 7, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon Insurers Face an $876M (and Growing) Problem
April 7, 2015The Washington Post: The Coming Revolution in How Employers Provide Health Insurance
April 6, 2015Portland Business Journal: How LifeWorks NW, Virginia Garcia and Providence Saved Millions
April 3, 2015The Lund Report: Senate Passes Bill to Help CCOs Deal with OHA
April 3, 2015Modern Healthcare: Special HealthCare.gov Enrollment Slow Going, So Far
April 2, 2015Oregon Business: Salem Health, OHSU, Nearing Deal
April 1, 2015Reuters: U.S. Top Court Says Medical Providers Can't Sue States Over Medicaid Funding
April 1, 2015New York Times: The Healing Power of Your Own Medical Records
April 1, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon is One of the Worst (!) Places to be a Doctor, Study Finds
March 31, 2015The Guardian: How Can Social Care and Healthcare Integrate Together?
March 31, 2015The Washington Post: New Hepatitis C Drugs are Costing Medicare Billions
March 27, 2015Lund Report: Stepping Back from the Brink: Time to Rethink Healthcare Reform
March 27, 2015Health IT Analytics: Can the Patient-Centered Medical Home Help Achieve Savings?
March 26, 2015Modern Healthcare: SGR Replacement Would Push Docs Toward Value-Based Pay
March 26, 2015Statesman Journal: Panel Hears Debate on Health Care Price Transparency
March 24, 2015The Lund Report: Hayden and Health Committee Ponder Ways to Ensure Dental Care for Pregnant Women
March 24, 2015Herald and News: Oregon Hospital Costs Higher than Region, Union Report Claims
March 23, 2015New York Times: Health Care Systems Try to Cut Costs by Aiding the Poor and Troubled
March 23, 2015International Business Times: Obamacare Tax Penalty 2015: Many Choosing Fines Over Enrollment In Affordable Care Act
March 20, 2015Portland Business Journal: After concerns, Oregon's 2015 Medicaid rates set for an overhaul
March 20, 2015The Lund Report: CCOs Spend $2.06 Billion and Counting on Healthcare Costs
March 19, 2015New York Magazine: House Republicans Unveil Plan for Replacing Obamacare
March 18, 2015The Oregonian: Lawmakers Should Commit to State Dental Diretor's Position: Editorial Agenda 2015
March 18, 2015Association of Health Care Journalists: Little Evidence that Integrating Hospital, Physician Care Improves Quality or Reduces Costs
March 18, 2015Children First for Oregon: 2015 Progress Report
March 17, 2015The Privacy Advisor: The Difficult Issues of Healthcare Privacy Practice
March 17, 2015The Washington Post: Affordable Care Act Adds 16.4 Million to Health Insurance Rolls
March 17, 2015Wall Street Journal: FDA Proposal Spurs Fight Over Free Speech and Patient Safety
March 13, 2015The Lund Report: Public Health Modernization Calls for 10-Year Roadmap for State
March 12, 2015The Lund Report: Lynne Saxton Brings Compassion and Integrity to Oregon Health Authority
March 12, 2015Portland Business Journal: Legislature 2015: OHSU Med Students Hatch a Plan To Help Kids Prevent Skin Cancer
March 11, 2015The Oregonian: Oregon Health Officials Failed to Collect $3 Million in Drug Rebates: Federal Auditors
March 10, 2015Lund Report: How Complexity Complicates the Healthcare System
March 10, 2015Portland Business Journal: How New Director Lynne Saxton Will Put Her Stamp on the Oregon Health Authority
March 10, 2015HealthIT Analytics: PCMH Care Coordination Program Cuts Hospital Readmissions
March 10, 2015The Lund Report: Low-Income Advocates Hope for Basic Health Plan Framework for 2016
March 9, 2015The Washington Post: Obamacare’s Projected Cost Falls Due to Lower Premiums Under Health Care Law, CBO Says
March 9, 2015The Lund Report: Loan Repayment Program Benefits Urban Areas More than Rural
March 9, 2015The Oregonian: Kate Brown Signs Bill Abolishing Cover Oregon
March 5, 2015Portland Business Journal: Legislature 2015: Hospital Transparency Bills Could Target High-Priced Procedures
March 4, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon Health Authority Could Get New Chief on Thursday
March 4, 2015The Washington Post: Hospital Rankings Rarely Agree on Which Facilities Are Best, Study Finds
March 3, 2015The Washington Post: U.S. Faces 90,000 Doctor Shortage by 2025, Medical School Association Warns
March 3, 2015The Oregonian: Oregon Board Endorses Eliminating Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions
March 2, 2015The Lund Report: Smooth Passage Expected for Four-Year, $1.4 Billion Hospital Tax
Feb. 27, 2015Register Guard: Judge Orders Oracle to Keep Hosting Oregon’s Medicaid System
Feb. 27, 2015Portland Business Journal: 6 Takeaways From OHSU President Dr. Joe Robertson's Breakfast Chat
Feb. 26, 2015The Oregonian: Oregon Senate Halts Confirming Officials Nominated by John Kitzhaber
Feb. 25, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oracle v. Oregon: The Two Sides Battle in Court Over Medicaid IT Contract
Feb. 25, 2015The Washington Post: Major Insurers are Finally Revealing One of Health-Care’s Greatest Mysteries
Feb. 24, 2015Lund Report: Current Reform Efforts Are Not Sustainable
Feb. 24, 2015Portland Business Journal: The Ever-Shrinking 'Donut Hole' Has Saved Oregonians Millions
Feb. 24, 2015Portland Business Journal: OHSU Loans Another Health Giant $50M For 'Transformative' Projects
Feb. 24, 2015Politico: Doctors Say Data Fees are Blocking Health Reform
Feb. 24, 2015NPR: Administration Bars Health Plans That Won't Cover Hospital Care
Feb. 23, 2015Modern Healthcare: Kaiser Tests Video Visits to Cut Waits
Feb. 20, 2015New York Times: 800,000 Using Healthcare.gov Were Sent Incorrect Tax Data
Feb. 20, 2015The Lund Report: Kitzhaber Heralded as Healthcare Leader
Feb. 19, 2015Corvallis Gazette Times: Samaritan Partners with Stanford on Cancer Care
Feb. 19, 2015Daily Journal: Oregon Suit Seeks to Force Oracle to Continue Hosting State Medicaid System Until End of Year
Feb. 19, 2015PBS: Democrats Want to Give Uninsured Another Chance to Avoid Health Care Law Penalties
Feb. 18, 2015The Oregonian: Kate Brown is Sworn in as Oregon's 38th Governor
Feb. 18, 2015The Washington Post: White House: 11.4 Million ‘and Counting’ Signed up for Obamacare in 2015
Feb. 13, 2015The Lund Report: Portland CCO Focuses on Foster Kids
Feb. 12, 2015Health Affairs: Oregon Bridges The Gap Between Health Care And Community-Based Health
Feb. 11, 2015My Central Oregon: Walden Pushes For Protections For Rural Ambulance Service Providers
Feb. 11, 2015BMJ: Patients and Staff as Codesigners of Healthcare Services
Feb. 10, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon, Plagued By Decay, Hires First Dental Director
Feb. 10, 2015Statesman Journal: Cover Oregon Shutdown Bill Moves to Senate
Feb. 9, 2015Portland Business Journal: Healthtech: Oregon Techies Tackle Transparency Tools
Feb. 7, 2015East Oregonian: Health Care Coalition Planning Rally at Capitol
Feb. 5, 2015Statesman Journal: Oregon Bill Would Give Terminal Patients One Last Try
Feb. 4, 2015OPB: Oregon Has Highest Vaccine Exemption Rate In US
Feb. 4, 2015Wall Street Journal: Affordable Care Act Enrollment Near 10 Million
Feb. 3, 2015Behavioral Healthcare: Walk-in Behavioral Health Clinics Emerge as Potential Trend
Feb. 3, 2015The Washington Post: The White House Signals a Fight on High Drug Prices
Feb. 2, 2015Yakima Herald: Team-Based, Coordinated Medical Care on the Rise
Feb. 2, 2015HealthIT Analytics: Ore. Coordinated Care Organizations Backed by Analytics, HIE
Jan. 28, 2015Street Roots: Dr. David Labby: How to Approach Health Care, Homelessness and Housing
Jan. 28, 2015NPR: Is It OK To Pay Pregnant Women To Stop Smoking?
Jan. 28, 2015Modern Healthcare: Cigna, Centene Build Population Health Management Expertise With Deals
Jan. 28, 2015Health IT Analytics: Big Data Analytics Pin Colon Cancer Deaths on Care Variations
Jan. 27, 2015Portland Business Journal: Oregon Health Care Firm Sold to St. Louis Company
Jan. 26, 2015The Washington Post: The Obama Administration Wants to Dramatically Change how Doctors are Paid
Jan. 26, 2015The Oregonian: Portland Duo Tries to Make the World of Medicine Less Daunting for Adults With Autism
Jan. 26, 2015US News: Analyst: Government Seems to be Making Changes to Protect Consumer Information on Health Site
Jan. 26, 2015The Bulletin: Oregon Health Plan Application Backlog at 43,000
Jan. 23, 2015Politico: Warren Takes on Drug Companies at Health Care Conference
Jan. 23, 2015Portland Business Journal: Cigna and Providence Enter Into 'Collaborative Care' Deal
Jan. 22, 2015The Lund Report: Transformation 2.0: Modernizing Public Health
Jan. 21, 2015The Washington Post: A Knee Replacement Surgery Could Cost $17k or $61k. And That’s in the Same City.
Jan. 21, 2015Los Angeles Times: Skid Row Doctor's Care Includes Finding Patients a Home
Jan. 21, 2015Forbes: America’s New Healthcare Economy: 3 Trends to Watch
Jan. 21, 2015ABC News: Government Health Care Website Quietly Sharing Personal Data
Jan. 20, 2015Forbes: Impact Of 'Me-Too' Drugs On Health Care Costs
Jan. 20, 2015The Hill: Medicaid Expansion is Next Top Healthcare Challenge, Advocates Say
Jan. 16, 2015The New York Times: Official Who Led Medicare Through Insurance Shakeup is Resigning
Jan. 15, 2015Modern Healthcare: Oregon Medicaid Reforms Meet Savings Goals as More Enroll
Jan. 15, 2015The Washington Post: How the Drive for Profits is Shaping End of Life Care
Jan. 14, 2015Cleveland.com: Cleveland Clinic Joins 5 Ohio Health Systems to Form Statewide Healthcare Collaborative
Jan. 14, 2015Oregon Health Authority : Mid-Year Health System Transformation Report Shows Continued Progress Into 2014
Jan. 14, 2015Oregon Health Authority: Oregon's Health System Transformation: 2014 Mid Year Report
Jan. 13, 2015Center for American Progress: 5 Key Facts About the Affordable Care Act for Latinos
Jan. 13, 2015The New York Times: Doing More for Patients Often Does No Good
Jan. 12, 2015The New York Times: How Medicaid for Children Recoups Much of Its Cost in the Long Run
Jan. 12, 2015Portland Business Journal: Cover Oregon Announces Layoffs as the Health Care Exchange Winds Down
Jan. 12, 2015The Oregonian: Track Health Reforms: Editorial Agenda 2015
Jan. 8, 2015The Bulletin: CCO Projects $3 Million-Plus Surplus
Jan. 8, 2015Portland Business Journal: Portland City Club: Make Homelessness a Public Health Priority
Jan. 8, 2015Johns Hopkins Publications: The Passionate People Behind Five New Health Care Technologies
Jan. 7, 2015The Oregonian: Transgender Surgeries, Hormone Therapy will be Covered Under Oregon Health Plan: Diversity News Roundup
Jan. 6, 2015NPR: 'America's Bitter Pill' Makes Case For Why Health Care Law 'Won't Work
Jan. 6, 2015Forbes: U.S. Healthcare Spending On Track To Hit $10,000 Per Person This Year
Jan. 5, 2015Bloomberg: Medicaid Is Too Cheap
Jan. 5, 2015The Bulletin: Central Oregon Lawmakers will Focus on Transparency, Health Care, Affordable Housing in 2015
Jan. 2, 2015Statesman Journal: 73,152 Oregonians Enroll in Federal Insurance Exchange
Dec. 31, 2014Kaiser Health News: How A State’s Choice On Medicaid Expansion Affects Hospitals
Dec. 31, 2014The Washington Post: Dying and Profits: The Evolution of Hospice
Dec. 30, 2014Forbes: Remember That Healthcare Is About More Than The Affordable Care Act
Dec. 30, 2014Portland Business Journal: 8 People to Watch in Oregon Health Care in 2015
Dec. 30, 2014CFO: Holding Health Care Accountable
Dec. 29, 2014The Center for Public Integrity: Health Care Findings You May Have Missed in 2014
Dec. 23, 2014Modern Healthcare: Supreme Court to Hear King v. Burwell on March 4, Decision Likely in June
Dec. 22, 2014Reuters: Express Scripts drops Gilead hep C drugs for cheaper AbbVie rival
Dec. 19, 2014The Oregonian: Kitzhaber Taps Prominent Nonprofit Executive and Republican Lynne Saxton to Head Troubled Oregon Health Authority
Dec. 19, 2014The Daily Signal: Liberal Governor Abandons Single-Payer Health Care: ‘Greatest Disappointment of My Political Life’
Dec. 17, 2014Wired: Can We Trust Drug Companies? The Future of Healthcare May Depend On It
Dec. 11, 2014Portland Business Journal: Oregon may adopt Kentucky’s exchange for Medicaid
Dec. 10, 2014The Washington Post: Obamacare paradox: Medicaid is Expanding, but Doctors are Facing a Huge Pay Cut
Dec. 8, 2014The Lund Report: Policy Expert Berwick Praises Oregon’s Coordinated Care Reforms
Dec. 3, 2014The Oregonian: John Kitzhaber Unveils Two-year, $18.6 Billion Budget, Proposing Big Spending on Education, New Programs
Nov. 26, 2014NBC News: Language Barriers Persist in Affordable Care Act Enrollment
Nov. 25, 2014The Washington Post: One Reporter is Crowdsourcing the Price of Health Care
Nov. 11, 2014ModernMedicine: Coordinating Bundled Payments: The First Step Toward Coordinated Care
Sept. 2, 2014Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: CMS Letter
June 25, 2014Oregon Health Authority: Oregon Health System Transformation-2013 Performance Report
Feb. 4, 2014Oregon Health Authority: OHA Releases CCO Data

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