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Workgroups assemble to address issues and find solutions related to Oregon health transformation.

Workgroups are comprised of CCO Oregon members and select stakeholders who meet monthly and engage in a transparent, consensus-driven dialogue to develop: position statements, voluntary agreements, suggested standards of care, and support for rules and regulations. Each workgroup chair and its members establish the purpose, goals and deliverables, which vary by group.

Current Workgroups

Dental: The Dental Workgroup is focused on the integration of dental care in the CCOs for the optimization of resources being directed to patient care and reduction of administration costs for achievement of the Triple Aim.

Integrated Behavioral Health Alliance of Oregon: The Integrated Behavioral Health Alliance of Oregon (IBHAO) Workgroup is focused on the integration of primary care behavioral health for Oregonians to increase access for care and improve outcomes for achievement of the Triple Aim.

Pharmacy: The CCO Oregon Pharmacy Workgroup convenes to create thoughtful recommendations for the advancement of quality metrics, promotion of best practices, and to collaborate on innovative solutions to pharmacy challenges impacting achievement of the Triple Aim.

Social Determinants of Health: The Social Determinants of Health Workgroup is focused on creating recommendations for measurement tools for pressing social determinants of health to help advance current policy, funding, and other efforts to address the health of Oregonians.

Interested in joining?

CCO Oregon is now accepting applications for new workgroup members. Please submit your interest with a cover letter and current resume to info@ccooregon.org.

CCO Oregon workgroups are open to both affiliates of CCO Oregon member organizations and non-member organizations. However, the CCO Oregon Board of Directors has established limits on non-member participation. Full details are available here.

Policy Agreements

See a list of current CCO Oregon Policy Agreements. While statements originate from workgroups, policies apply wholly to CCO Oregon.


Upcoming Events

CCO Oregon is planning events for Fall 2018... stay tuned! And, in the meantime, check out our most recent event the 2018 Annual Meeting ...

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