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Integrated Behavioral Health Alliance of Oregon

Established June 2014

Workgroup Chair

Lynnea Lindsey, PhD, MSCP Director of Behavioral Health Services, Legacy Health


Diane Bocking-Byrd, MBA, LPC Manager of Behavioral Health and Integration, CareOregon
Vanessa Casillas, PsyD Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Integration, Providence Medical Group
Dawn Creach, MS Independent Healthcare Consultant
John Custer, LCSW, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Janet Foliano-Kemp, Psy.D. Interim Behavior Health Consultant Manger, St Charles Health Care System
Althena Goldberg, LCSW, Behavioral Health Director, AllCare Health
Robin Henderson, PsyD Chief Executive Behavioral Health, Providence Medical Group
Andrew Huff, LPC Behavioral Health Innovation Specialist, CareOregon
Jim Phelps, MD Samaritan Health
Kristen Powers, LCSW Providence Medical Group
Brian Sandoval, PsyD, Primary Care Behavioral Health Manager, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic
Lisa Sprague, MD Clinical Lead Provider, Multnomah County

2016 Accomplishments

2015 Work Recommended Minimum Standards for PCPCH Providing Integrated Care incorporated into 2017 Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Recognition Criteria Technical Specifications and Reporting Guide

Invited to participate on the Primary Care Payment Reform Collaborative

2016 Work Product

IBHAO Recommended Measures: Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration

Goals for 2017

Establish a technical specifications reference guide for the 2016 IBHAO Recommended Measures

2015 Work Product

Recommended Minimum Standards for PCPCH Providing Integrated Care

Adopted Definitions

“Integrated Health Care” means care provided to individuals and their families in a patient centered primary care home or behavioral health home by licensed primary care clinicians, behavioral health clinicians and other care team members working together to address one or more of the following: mental illness, substance use disorders, health behaviors that contribute to chronic illness, life stressors and crises, developmental risk/conditions, stress-related physical symptoms, preventative care, and ineffective patterns of health care utilization.

"Behavioral Health Clinician" means: a licensed psychiatrist, a licensed psychologist, a certified nurse practitioner with a specialty in psychiatric mental health, a licensed clinical social worker, a licensed professional counselor or licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified clinical social work associate, an intern or resident who is working under a board-approved supervisory contract in a clinical mental health field; or any other clinician whose authorized scope of practice includes mental health diagnosis and treatment.

Purpose Statement

Behavioral health care is an integral component of the Patient Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) that focuses on the psychological and social determinants that affect overall health. Integrated Behavioral Health Alliance of Oregon (IBHAO), a workgroup of CCO Oregon, will help define the scope and standards of excellent, evidence-based behavioral health provision in the state of Oregon that is essential to our achievement of the Triple Aim.
Adopted December 2014

IBHAO promotes the full integration of behavioral health and physical health services in primary care, behavioral health care and urgent care settings, providers in patient centered primary care homes and behavioral health homes may use billing codes applicable to the behavioral health and physical health services that are provided.

Presentations and News From IBHAO members

Dr. Brian Sandoval interview by the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute "Behavioral Health Integration: Obstacles and Successes

Dr. Lynnea Lindsey-Pengelly and Dr. Robin Henderson presentation at the Joint Behavioral Health Learning Session October 30, 2015

Dr. Robin Henderson "The State of Integration: How A Bill Really Does Become A Law" published in Collaborative Family Healthcare Association blog August 6, 2015

Dr. Julie Oyemaja "Grassroots Group Supports Primary Care Behavioral Health Adoption" published in the Patient Centered Primary Care Institute website February 5, 2015

Dr. Julie Oyemaja and Dr. John Muench "Primary Care Behavioral Health is Transforming Primary Care in Oregon" published in Oregon AFP - Edition 32 - Page 25

Dr. Brian Sandoval-Coordinated Care Model Summit, December 3rd, 2014


AHRQ Lexicon for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration

AHRQ Behavioral Health Integration Self-Assessment Checklist

AHRQ Guidebook of Professional Practices of Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration

AHRQ Literature Review

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Oregon PCPCH 2014 Recognition Criteria