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2015 Policy Development

CCO Oregon is pleased to announce its 2015 Policy Development accomplishments.

Policy Agreements include:

Dental Executive Summary
Dental Metric Agreement

Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health Executive Summary
IBHAO Standards of Integration Agreement


Social Determinants of Health

CCO Oregon convenes workgroups of subject matter experts around the above topics to develop policies in support of the Coordinated Care Model. Agreements were made through a Transparent, Collaborative, Consensus-Based process. As we strive to include a wide variety of voices, our workgroups are comprised of both CCO Oregon members and non-members

After agreement at the workgroup level, policies went to the Policy Committee, which is comprised of workgroup chairs and CCO Oregon partners in Coordinated Care.

Final approval of our Policy Agreements comes from the CCO Oregon Board of Directors

To see who worked on each policy agreement, please follow the following links:


Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health


Social Determinants of Health

To see an illustration of our policy agreement process, please click here.

To see the entire 2015 work group report, please click here

We look forward to continued work by these groups and potentially additional groups in 2016. If you would like to become a member of CCO Oregon and support this critical work, please click here for more information.