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Adopted Policy Agreements

CCO Oregon uses the term policy as defined by Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia:
-A definite course or method of action selected from among alternatives and in light of given conditions to guide and determine present and future decisions.
-A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

Originating from the Dental Workgroup

Completion of a framework for oral health integration titled “Oral Health Coordination and Integration within CCOs: A systemic and Systematic Framework”
Executive Summary
Adopted 2016

Creation of a bank of quality metrics to align measures across service level agreements between CCOs and DCOs.
Statement on Dental Quality Metrics in Service Level Agreements

CCO-DCO Quality Measure Core and A La Carte Set
Adopted 2015

CCO Oregon members agree that the successful performance of Coordinated Care Organizations, including the integration of benefits delivered via delegated entities, within the resources of Global Budgets, requires collaboration and programmatic actions taken to increase efficacy and reduce inefficiency and redundancy in administration while respecting CCOs’ community-governances and maintaining the CCOs’ ability to meet community needs.

CCO Oregon members agree to support the First Tooth program by encouraging all types of providers to undergo training and education to increase oral health preventative services for the pediatric population. Adopted 2014

Originating from the Integrated Behavioral Health Alliance of Oregon

IBHAO Recommended Measures: Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration
Adopted 2016

Recommended Minimum Standards for PCPCH Providing Integrated Care
Adopted 2015

Behavioral health care is an integral component of the Patient Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) that focuses on the psychological and social determinants that affect overall health. Integrated Behavioral Health Alliance of Oregon (IBHAO), a workgroup of CCO Oregon, will help define the scope and standards of excellent, evidence-based behavioral health provision in the state of Oregon that is essential to our achievement of the Triple Aim.
Adopted 2014

Originating from the Social Determinants of Health Workgroup

CCO Oregon acknowledges that there is a relationship between interventions addressing social determinants of health and an individual's quality of life, health outcomes and the cost of care. We encourage the Oregon Health Authority to request individual CCOs submit a transformation plan, timeline, and accountability measures focused on the integration of social determinants of health to further health transformation in Oregon.
Adopted December 2015

Originating from the Public Policy Workgroup (no longer active workgroup)

• CCO Oregon members agree that transformation efforts need time to take root. Policy changes should be limited to only items with broad-based consensus, which are necessary for the success of health system transformation.

• CCO Oregon members agree that to ensure the success of health system transformation efforts, CCOs should receive adequate funds within the cap established by the federal government, and CCOs should be provided flexibility to reduce long-term costs.

• CCO Oregon members agree that data is critical to measuring success, but is also costly to produce and can be easily misinterpreted. CCO Oregon members agree the State should maintain uniform, standardized measurements that promote transformation and include an appropriate review and appeal process.

• CCO Oregon members agree that underserved areas in Oregon should have programs in place to encourage providers to practice in these areas. CCO Oregon members further agree that the Oregon Legislature, Oregon Health and Science University and Oregon Health Authority should support system-wide data collection and analysis, using common performance measures wherever possible, and use program performance information to inform decision-making.

• CCO Oregon members agree that it is necessary to ensure adequate access to, and resources for, behavioral health services across the entire spectrum of care (primary care to acute care). CCO Oregon members support flexible and viable models that ensure the right care is delivered at the right time in the right place to meet the needs of the individual wherever they present.
Adopted 2014


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